dodano: 21-05-2017

About us

BELEKO is a company from Poland involved in manufacture of natural cosmetics for dogs. We do not use ingredients that can be harmful for the fur and skin of your dog – such as SLS, SLES, parabens, petroleum derivatives – which makes our shampoos perfect products for exceptionally pleasant and delicate care. We do care to guarantee safety and satisfaction from the care of your FAITHFUL FRIENDS therefore carefully select the composition of beleko’s natural cosmetics. The only ingredients in our shampoos and sprays are those of 100% natural origin. As aromas, we use natural essential oils only, which oxidise quite fast during bath. We use plant aromas in order to make the pet’s bath more pleasant to the owner. However, these odours are very delicate and do not interfere with dog’s very sensitive sense of smell. The natural Beleko cosmetics are colourless and odourless. Moreover, the effect of freshness, softness of polished fur maintains for a very long time. Beleko shampoos are very efficient and suffice for many baths.

We offer cosmetics for dogs with problematic fur and skin. If your dog suffers due to skin irritation, scratches and there is a problem of unpleasant fur odour, beleko addresses these problems by creating natural cosmetics with active ingredients.

We offer soothing dog shampoo with oats and wheat proteins, exceptionally mild hypoallergenic shampoo with vitamins and aloe as well as a shampoo that eliminates unpleasant odours with a magnesium oil. Our offer is complemented by a mist that eliminates unpleasant odours, which is recommended to be used between baths with beleko shampoos. The mist removes delicate dirt and efficiently eliminates unpleasant smell, which is particularly inconvenient after walks on rainy days.