dodano: 21-05-2017


Many of us would pursue safe and natural care cosmetics for our dogs. Beleko uses recipes that do not include any harmful ingredients such as SLS, SLES, parabens or petroleum derivatives. All ingredients in our products are of natural origin. Beleko cosmetics are colourless and odourless, therefore you do not have to worry about the sensitive sense of smell of your pet. The lack of dyes protects the dog’s hair against any discolouration. Moreover, we offer cosmetics for dogs with problematic hair and skin. If your dog suffers due to itchy and irritated skin, choose a natural and soothing OATS shampoo. If it is allergic, we recommend using ANTY ALLERGIC dog shampoo. In case of annoying and unpleasant fur odour, we recommend using ANTI ODOUR shampoo, which efficiently eliminates unpleasant smells. In order to maintain the fresh effect, between baths use ANTI ODOUR mist for dogs.
Each of our products moisturises, nourishes, polishes and softens the fur, and also makes combing easier.
You will find our full offer below.

Szampon dla psów z pszenicą, OATS


Soothing shampoo with oat and wheat proteins

Shampoo made of ingredients of natural origin only. It features good cleaning, softening and polishing properties and makes combing easier. Due to its active ingredients, i.e. oat and wheat proteins, soothes irritated skin. It regenerates the epidermis and aids the healing of scratches. It is colourless and odourless.

Szampon dla psów przeciwko przykrym zapachom, ANTI ODOUR


Shampoo neutralising unpleasant odours

It contains a magnesium oil, which, above all, eliminates unpleasant odour. Moreover, it allows to complement deficiencies of magnesium in the dog’s diet through the skin. It efficiently removes dirt and calloused layer of the epidermis. It limits excessive sebum secretion and development of bacteria on the skin, and thus eliminates unpleasant odour. It moisturises, polishes and makes combing easier. Made of 100% ingredients of natural origin.

Szampon antyalergiczny dla psów, ANTI ALLERGIC


Hypoallergenic shampoo with vitamins and aloe

It is made of ingredients of natural origin only. It is extremely gentle and delicate, and is great for people suffering from allergy The vitamin complex nourishes the skin and fur. Remaining active ingredients prevent irritation and alleviate skin problems associated with allergy. It perfectly cleans, moisturises and nourishes dog’s skin and fur.

Mgiełka dla psów przeciwko przykrym zapachom, ANTI ODOUR MIST


Spray neutralising unpleasant odours

A natural product that allows to maintain freshness between dog’s baths for a longer period of time. It eliminates unpleasant odour, it is bactericidal and removes delicate dirt. Does not require to be rinsed with water, spraying dog’s fur with mist and then combing it is sufficient.